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Only needs to be 3 paragraphs and about 1 page longYou first paragraph should provide your reader with a clear understanding of the author’s topic, key words, and main purpose. Your second paragraph should summarize how that purpose is developed with evidence. Your third paragraph should assert and support a claim of value about the text as a possible resource in a Research Project. Remember to also include a properly formatted MLA Citation.Annotated Bibliography of the attached article by Leon Rappoport. Do you need a similar assignment done for you from scratch? We have qualified writers to help you. We assure you an A+ quality paper that is free from plagiarism. Order now for an Amazing Discount!Use Discount Code “Newclient” for a 15% Discount!NB: We do not resell papers. Upon ordering, we do an original paper exclusively for you. The post english annotated bibliography appeared first on The Nursing Hub.  “Is this question part of your assignment? We Can Help!”

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