English Heritage Corwin

1. The projects, English Heritage and Corwin have many things of a similar nature; some executed well, others badly.
(a) Confirm what the business cases were for each project.
Write around 300 words here ? Maximum Mark (20)
(b) Summarise in each case study, whether the application of PRINCE and/or STAGEGATE would have assisted their success or prevented their failure
Write around 600 words here ? Maximum Mark (30)
2. Before attempting a major business project, suggest 6 factors that are critical, setting them out in order of most to least important. Explain why you have given them that priority and justify your decisions based on evidence from your experience in the case study/simulation.
(Note that without justifying your choices, you will not score more than 18 marks here)
Write around 900 words here ? Maximum Mark (50)

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