English in Drama

Formal Project Proposal:
My final proposal is to concentrate on writing a document on how different ���Personalities��� are
encountered in a workplace environment. I chose this topic because I work within a team and it���s
interesting to see how different personalities can be challenging and how folks handle different
behavior patterns. Some personalities differ with one person to another. Dealing with other people
according to their personality can make a team stronger. Knowing personality type can help people
understand themselves better and to improve on their weaknesses. Otherwise, it can cause low team
Alyssa and Emilie recommended a good idea to have different characters interact with one another
and I chose Hamlet, Martha, Honey, and Rocky. I will put these characters in a workplace
environment working on the same team. It would be interesting to see if the characters act with
integrity, honesty, and respect in a productive environment and to see the different
outcome/consequences that can occur when the rules are ignored or broken.
I chose Hamlet because he behaves rashly and impulsively. Hamlet seems to step very easily into the
role of a madman, behaving erratically and upsetting the other characters with his wild speech.
Martha is an alcoholic and is perceived as a loud, vicioustongued,
bossy woman who is angry,
frustrated and brings her personal issues in the workplace. Honey is young and naive, polite and
honest, but would like to see if she can work under pressure. Rocky is tough, sentimental, and goodnatured
but can be vicious if you push the wrong button.
The characters would have reviewed the Company Code of Conduct and taken mandatory courses to
gain the proper understanding on how to act in the workplace and how to act towards each other.

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