English Test

write your choice by writing one of the letters A, B, C or D

Eating your greens could be even better for you than anyone thought. Macerated raw broccoli turns out to contain small amounts of a potent chemical that inhibits the oxidising enzymes that damage DNA and potentially cause cancer. Broccoli that had been heated to 60°C had an even higher level of the anti-cancer compound.

This item claims that

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A) green vegetables are the healthiest food
B) eating broccoli may prevent cancer
C) raw broccoli is healthier than cooked
D) cooked broccoli might induce cancer

A Canadian inventor says a 7-foot robotic beast can prevent bird-related plane disasters. Plane crashes caused by bird strikes have killed 400 people worldwide and cause about $390 million in damage to aircraft every year. The invention is a remote-control flying mechanical falcon to scare away the birds that plague airports.

According to this item

A) a birdlike device at airports might prove useful
B) birds are no longer a danger to airport safety
C) a mechanical bird caused yet another plane crash
D) birds are the most common cause of air crashes

Michelangelo was a thoroughly dishonest multi-millionaire miser who slept in his boots despite his great wealth. Although the artist was known to be reasonably well-off, new research suggests that he was fabulously wealthy. Michelangelo left an estate worth 50,000 florins-about £35 million in today’s money.

The text suggests that Michelangelo

A) considered himself quite well-off
B) was known as an eminent artist
C) didn’t care about his looks
D) greatly preferred saving to spending

Most people prefer not to think about how much they are paying to run a car. They are pretty well aware of fuel costs, but tend to ignore depreciation, insurance, repairs and tax. For many urban dwellers, using a taxi is cheaper than keeping a car, but the public persists in viewing taxis as luxuries and cars as necessities.

It is suggested that

A) townspeople are beginning to realise the advantages of taxis
B) most drivers are not interested in the price of petrol
C) car owners disregard much of the cost of having a car
D )people living in the country find cars a necessity

China’s widely criticised blocking of the web’s most popular search engine Google can be defeated by viewing a strange Google mirror site through a mirror. The mirror site, called elgooG, is a parody of the English language version of Google in which all the text on the web pages has been reversed.

We understand from the text that elgooG . . .

A) enables the Chinese to access forbidden websites
B) mirrors the views of the Chinese government
C) is a barrier introduced by the Chinese government
D) is a search engine in the Chinese language

The whirr of lawnmowers could be heard from my Bedfordshire garden on Friday afternoon-an incongruous sound for the first half of February. I cannot remember a previous year in which I performed my first cut before April, although that might reflect laziness more than the advancement of spring.

The writer of this passage is

A) looking forward to better weather
B) surprised at the growing grass
C) tired of his unweeded garden
D) notorious for his inactivity

Dragged to Rome in 1633 while suffering from gout, arthritis and ludney stones, Galileo Galilei was forced to stand trial for blasphemy. His decreed isolation was, however, no more effective than Salman Rushdie’s. Like so many great minds, Galilei was able to compartmentalize his mind in the face of emotional stress and, though a captive, continue his studies of motion, acceleration and gravity.

We are told that . . .

A) while imprisoned, Galilei contracted several severe illnesses
B) like Salman Rushdie, Galilei worked even more effectively in isolation
C) captivity and disease did not weaken Galilei’s reasoning powers
D) Galilei was locked up for denying the existence of God

There are many cultural “islands” within Puerto Rico. Though its four million or so inhabitants are crammed into a space only a hundred miles long by 35 miles wide, the society exhibits an impressive degree of diversity.

It is clear from the text that Puerto Rico . . .

A) is rather sparsely populated
B) is famous for its native art
C) consists of a number of islands
D) has kept its multicultural character

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