Enterprise strategic change

Enterprise strategic change

Question description
The paper should be 10 to 12 pages of text, no longer than 15 to 18 pages overall including bibliography, cover page, etc. Please use 12 pt. ariel font for the body of the text. I am not that concerned with format overall, APA, etc. When doing your cites and bibliography, pick a format and be consistent.

An example for University would be the conversion to the use of Canvas and online/hybrid classes. Although this process has been going on for years now, many instructors on campus still do not fully utilize canvas nor have any interest in teaching a course online or in a hybrid approach. This is not a criticism at all but “times they are a changing” and technology is here to stay. The train has left the station, you are either on it or standing in the way (I am putting my money on the train). According to the information I can gather, the College of Business and the College of Nursing are the most advanced users of Canvas and technology at University. Although the COB uses more (it makes sense because we are much larger), those of us who know what the College of Nursing does with their online program are intrigued, we are proud of them but envious as well. They do a great job. For those teams interested in this topic, you could write a paper on the change strategy necessary to get more of the departments on board with the use of the current technology now and into the future; we may need a culture change. Learning how to use the technology can be a career saver for many faculty or a line in the sand for others. The field of teaching is changing rapidly. Florence City Schools use ebooks, not textbooks. They come to University and we make them purchase textbooks for many of their classes. I read a comment that a freshman made stating “well, back to the past at University”, which is not what we need to hear. Anyway, this is just an example of change that is and/or needs to take place. You can select any topic that peaks your interest level and will be of value to you in your career or life in general.

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