Enviromental Paper

Need in 8 hours from post. APA format
Write a 1,400-word paper on a topic of environmental interest, which you will relate to a business.
Include the following components in your paper:
Resources: Determine the amount and types of resources (e.g., electricity, water, natural gas, and wood) and/or purchased materials or commodities (e.g., computer paper and raw materials for manufacturing) the business utilizes. When addressing raw materials, discuss the sources of the raw materials, the manner of shipment, and the necessary types of processing prior to shipment.
Additionally, investigate the types of machinery used and provide an estimated lifespan (year ranges rather than exact figures) for this machinery.
Products and Services: Indicate the goods or services that the business produces and briefly describe the manufacturing process of the goods or the production process of the services. The delivery methods must be addressed, as well as the means of packaging and the mode of shipment, if shipping is part of the delivery.
Efficiency: Consider the inherent efficiencies for the types of fuel and lighting (incandescent, fluorescent, and natural) used, as well as whether efforts are made to reduce lighting when it is not in use. Investigate environmental temperature regulation (day/night and winter/summer) and compare what is purchased to what is produced, if possible.
In some cases, it may not be feasible to collect data on quantities, depending upon availability and length of time for the collection of data. However, for some businesses or industries (e.g., heating and cooling equipment), much of the data on consumption and efficiency may be available already. Even so, this data is probably fragmented and only compared with short-term economic motives.Therefore, while utility suppliers (e.g., KCP&L and natural gas) may be very helpful, you must remain cognizant of these companies’ vested interests relative to environmental impacts and efficiencies. Recycling markets are constantly changing and need to be investigated thoroughly to determine feasibility and prices. Consult the textbook for suggested ways to conserve resources.
Waste Production and Management: Determine the by-products that the business creates, the disposal of its wastes, and the possibility for reuse or recycling (e.g., computer paper and cardboard). Also, examine the amount of exhaust from the business’s heating and cooling operations or from its incineration of by-products.
Peripheral Aspects: Address whether the business encourages urban sprawl, mass transit, or carpooling, or whether there is an area that encourages employees to remain on-site for breaks and lunch. In addition, determine the types of vending machines that are present; examine the possibility for recycling aluminum beverage cans or reducing the use of plastics or Styrofoam; and assess the environmental impact of the business’s products or services.
Analysis and Recommendations: Combine all of your findings to determine the overall environmental impact of the business. Next, consider economically feasible approaches to reduce the environmental impact, recommend which approach should be implemented, and detail the necessary action required for such implementation.
Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.

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