Environmental studies and Forestry

Please write a formal lab report for this activity following the formal lab write-up instructions.

Our research questions are, “what is the ratio of N:P in the lake?” and “What is the likelihood of a CHAB?”

You should describe the location of this study and the methods we employed.

You should use graphs and/or tables to clearly and succinctly present the appropriate data in your results section, and discuss your findings and implications of your results in your discussion.

You will also need to use the temperature and dissolved oxygen data to describe whether or not the lake is stratified. If the lake is stratified, you should think carefully about the ratios of N:P in the epilimnion, the hypolimnion, and how the likelihood of a CHAB may change in the coming weeks. If the lake is not stratified, why not? In this case, would you expect the likelihood of a CHAB to change in the coming weeks?

Present the results of our zooplankton identification, and compare our findings to those documented in the Post-Implementation Study of Pontoosuc Lake: this file includes historical Pontoosuc Lake zooplankton data as well as a table to assist you with calculating zooplankton density. Do zooplankton populations appear to be large enough to control algae blooms in Windsor Lake?

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