Eric Foner Give Me Liberty! An American History

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You must select one of the two options presented below and include it in a seven- to nine-page typed, double-spaced term paper. Your final draft must be properly referenced and include a bibliography or works cited page. I anticipate that you will cite at least five reliable outside sources to back up your argument. The course name, section time, date, and your name must all appear on your title page. The fourteenth week of instruction must not pass before the paper is due.

Pick three of the individuals or groups from Eric Foner’s Voices of Freedom and thoroughly analyze them. I do not want three different biographies, but rather a work that contrasts and compares the various choices in a narrative that flows and is centered on the concept of freedom. What meaning did each place on the idea of American freedom? What impact did they have on their era? What difficulties did they encounter? How did they perceive the concept of extending freedom to others? Five more outside materials are necessary in addition to the textbook and the Voices reader. NOTE: Encyclopedias should not be cited in research papers as reliable sources.
books that must be used as references!
1. Grant me freedom! A History of America, Volume 2 of Seagull, Fourth Edition
Voices of Freedom: History Documentary Volume 2 of Eric Foner’s Fourth Edition

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