This essay should include four separate paragraphs. Each paragraph should be limited to 3-6 sentences.

Paragraph 1: Name an online public figure who you admire. Provide a brief summary about this figure and why you admire them.

Paragraph 2: Examine this figure’s online presence. Describe the scope of their online presence (how many social media sites do they regularly post to, estimate how many friends, followers or subscribers do they have).

Paragraph 3: Look at the interactions this figure has with people online. Summarize who this figure interacts with online and how they interact with these people (what tools do they use…video, audio, etc.).

Paragraph 4: Reflect on your online interaction(s) with this figure.

Consider the following:

Have you interacted with this figure directly online? Why or why not?
Do you intend on interacting with this figure online? Why or why not?
You are encouraged (when applicable) to use key terms or concepts covered in Weeks 1-4 of the course. Remember to use complete sentences and check your spelling/grammar. You can submit your response as text or attach an APA formatted [double-spaced, 11 pt. Arial font, 1″ margins] file (.pdf, .doc., or .docx).


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