Essay #4: Problem/Solution Essay
Local Solutions to Global Problems

For this essay, you will think of a problem that exists on a national or international level (i.e. personal debt, unemployment, pollution, obesity, drunk driving) and think of a solution that can be enacted on a local level—by you, personally; by a team or organization you belong to; by the faculty, and/or students; or by members of the Evansville community or your hometown. This does not mean that you need to think of a way to solve the problem singlehandedly; rather, it means that you should think of a way that you and/or people you know might take action against the problem. How, for example, might students respond to the high fuel prices that are troubling the country? What would you suggest to friends who complain that students are under too much stress? The main things to keep in mind is that the problem should be something that affectsa large number of people (not just you) and that the solution should be one that COULD REASONABLY AND REALISTICALLYbe carried out. Though you are not required to act on the solution you propose, it should be possible that you could do so.

Your essay will include

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• an introductionthat gets your audiences attention, provides an overview of the problem, and states your thesis. Your thesis should propose how you are going to solve the problem you have introduced.

• asection that provides both an explanation of your problem and evidence of this problems significance. Use an outside source to back you up.

• a section that discusses solutions that have been tried before. Have they been successful or not? This section should include information about the community organization that tries to solve or lesson the problem. Use an outside source to back you up.

• a section that explains your solution(s) to the problem and provides evidence of its effectiveness and practicality. Use an outside source for each solution.

• aconclusion that wraps up your argument and makes one final appeal to your audience.

Your essay will be a minimum of three full pages long, typed, double-spaced in 12-point Times New Roman font, and follow standard MLA format. For this essay, you are required to use and correctly cite at least three sources. Only ONE of these sources may come from the Web. This means that in addition to the three full pages, you will need to include a Works Cited page.

Finally, for this paper, you will give a presentation to your fellow classmates in which you encourage them to accept/take action on your proposal; presentation guidelines will be distributed at a later date. This will be your FINAL EXAM!

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