Essay report

  1. After watching the RSA Animate video and reading the article about the success of Finlands education system, do you think we should implement a similar system in the United States, revamping what many refer to as our “outdated” system?  Our students have fallen behind, badly and some of our schools are atrocious compared to others in different parts of the countrywould Finlands approach work for us?  Why or why not?  What challenges would we have that they do not face?It is a very tumultuous time in the world, and in our country, particularly for Muslims.  If you saw a Muslim woman sitting on the subway, being harassed by another passenger because of her religion, what would you do?  Would you stay out of it unless things escalated to a physical level?  Would you confront the person doing the harassing?  Would you get off at the first stop, hoping to avoid the confrontation?  What if it were a Muslim man?  Would that make a difference in terms of your reaction?  Why or why not?

    3. As our society grows more advanced, things change.  When industrialization took over, our agricultural society became a thing of the past.  People had to adapt or get left behind.  As we move further into the age of technology, we are facing another paradigm shift.  Is technology, overall, making life better?  Give two examples of improvements within our society and two drawbacks.  Try not to repeat your response from 2B, which asked about the social development of todays kids who are immersed in smart phones, computers, etc.  Think of other pros/cons.


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