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When watching Master of None, a viewer can easily get lured into what Aziz Ansari calls “the Indian on TV” show. In other words, I am the viewer, I am watching an Indian on TV, thats awesome, for TV and for people of color. But thats not Azizs ultimate mission. In each 30 minute span, Aziz has myriad of political and social subtextual arguments within the main textual argument. For example, in “The Other Man,” Aziz comments on the ways in which liberal White women may exoticize and use minority men as pawns in their agenda through a unconventional twist on the affair trope. (You cant use this one, by the way.) In every episode, Aziz makes a similar rhetorical and cultural move, in which the narrative, or the subnarrative, stands for a larger investigation of a cultural issue. It is your job to discern what that is in a single episode. Pick an episode, find an issue (there are often more than one), think about its meaning (not its what, but its why and its how), and write a 5-7 page double-spaced paper that establishes what the issue is (thus, your thesis), how its established (proving how the show deals with the issue), and what others takes on it (via online reviews of the episode, or articles that address the issue itself, minimum 3 sources, MLA format)

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