Essay report

Here are the basic guidelines for the reflective papers (remember, there are 2 of them due):

3 pages, double-spaced
Proper citations

1. Find an academic article (from a history journal, etc) or an academic book (a good guideline is if it has lots of footnotes…) that covers the period we cover in this class (US History 1865-1991).
2. Read the article/book.  Taking notes as you do would be a good idea.
3. Consider, analyze, and critique the work, then write your paper based on those reflections.  IMPORTANT: you are NOT restating or summarizing the work, but presenting YOUR thoughts on the work and what its trying to say.
4. Do not get caught up in proper citations; I am looking for TWO main characteristics for these assignments: a) your ability to think critically about information, and b) to make a cogent written argument/statement about your thoughts/observations.

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Once youve picked your books/papers (and, remember, to check them with me before you begin) there are plenty of websites out there that can give you an idea of how to proceed… just google “reflective essay”

Both papers are due no later than 7 pm on Monday, April 17th.  I will accept emailed or hard copies, but I will NOT be responsible for wonky formatting issues if you send it via email.  Unless there are documentable emergency issues involved, papers will not be accepted late.

Enjoy spring break.

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