Essay report

Choose one (1) question to answer for your essay. In order to answer the question completely and accurately, you must draw upon material presented in class and in the readings, including documents discussed in class. Your essay should be typewritten and 600 800 words (2-3 pages) in length. Please, no cover page.

1) In the aftermath of the Revolutionary War, American leaders concluded a stronger central government was needed to meet the challenges facing the republic. In response, they published the U.S. Constitution, which replaced the Confederation government in 1789. Why was the Constitution controversial? What arguments did advocates offer in favor of the Constitution? Why did they believe it would create a better system of government?

2) The new American republic faced several challenges, and the policies proposed to address these issues divided federal government officials during George Washingtons presidency. What challenges did the country face? How did divisions how to address these issues lead to the formation of Americas first political parties?

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