Complete each of the following six essays: double-spaced, as a single MS-Word or rich text format document file, numbered consecutively; between 12 15 page range total, and without references listed. This is a critical thinking & analytical assignment which should be entirely in your own words & perspective. Only the fifth question will require an external website, as you develop your own informed interpretation.

Analyze your chosen topics from the basis of our course content by beginning with an underlined thesis statement (purpose) in the first paragraph. Next apply as many of the principles and theories from the textbook to your topic as possible in each succeeding paragraph. The final paragraph should reflect your conclusions.

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You do not need to find current event articles, as you may simply write about a current microeconomic topic or market occurring during this quarter for each of the first two questions. The case studies in the Modules forum provide a broad range of appropriate topics to choose from for basis of analysis in the third & fourth questions. The fifth question is taken from a website video & transcript summary. Finally, the sixth topic should carefully reflect the evolution of your own economic thinking throughout the quarter. The assigned topics are as follows:
1. Analyze an American (domestic) current event, firm, or market. (~ 2 pages);

2. Analyze a foreign (outside of the U.S.) current event, firm, or market. (~ 2 pages);

3. Analyze your favorite Case Study from the Modules Forum. (~ 2 pages);

4. Analyze another second Case Study from the Modules. (~ 2 pages);

5. Go to the website: (Links to an external site.)and scroll to Storyline on your left. Select Episode II: “The Agony of Reform” for Chapter Summaries and watch the video (links in Week #10 Module from You Tube). Analyze the how, why, & what type of microeconomic theories were applied in South America, India, Poland, and Russia to help stimulate their markets and promote business. Apply as much material from our course as it relates to & helps explain these historical experiences. (~ 3 pages).

6. Describe specifically how your economic thinking has been affected by this course and how you can best make use of the central principles and theories which were studied. What is the main outcome from the course for you? (~ 1 page).

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