Establish the marketing mix components on areas such as a. information on how each element of the marketing mix has been used.


 Establish the marketing mix components on areas such as a. information on how each element of the marketing mix has been used

This document, which serves as the assessor’s final record of student competency, must be filled out.
• This cover page must be attached to all student contributions before they are placed on the student file, along with any accompanying checklists (see below).
• Unless all necessary paperwork is completed and linked to this form, student results cannot be recorded in the student database.
Student Name and Student ID Number
Date of completion:
Establish and Modify the Marketing Mix Unit Code: BSBMKG502 Unit Title
To this form, kindly include the following documents: Analysis of Results Report, case study, and research DNS, S, and NYS
Results of this unit’s final assessment: C/NYC
Each assessment task includes feedback for the student. Yes or No
The student receives feedback on the unit’s final results. Yes or No
Declaration of Students I have received a fair and accommodating evaluation. I am aware that these assessment assignments are under the purview of the Institute’s Student Assessment, Reassessment, and Repeating Units of Competency Guidelines. Assessor’s Declaration: I hereby certify that I have evaluated this student in a fair, valid, trustworthy, and flexible manner and that I have given the necessary comments.
Identity: Name: Signature:

Date: Signature: Date:

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Summary of Assessment 1
Specifications for Assessment Term and Year 2017
Assessment Format Report, case study, and research
Date of Submission Class Room Lecture Halls 2, 5, and 6
Student Name, Student ID Number, and Date
Unit Code: BSBMKG502 Unit Title: Establish and Modify the Marketing Mix Qualification: BSB50215 Diploma of Business
Name of Assessor
Satisfactory outcome of the evaluation
Not good enough
student comments
Declaration of Student I certify that I completed this task in an honest and ethical manner. I am aware that the Student Assessment, Reassessment, and Repeating Units of Competency Guidelines for Sydney Metro College apply to these assessment activities. Assessor’s Declaration: I hereby certify that I have evaluated this student in a fair, valid, trustworthy, and flexible manner and that I have given the necessary comments.
Identity: Name: Signature:

Date: The student missed the feedback session on the specified day.

Conditions for evaluation and evidence collection
There are two categories for each evaluation component: Not Yet Satisfactory (NYS) and Satisfactory (S). A student can only be considered competent if all of the evaluation elements stated under the procedures and specifications of the assessment section are met. Following the completion of each test, your trainer will provide you with comments. Reassessment is possible for a student who has been evaluated as NYS. A result outcome of Did Not Submit (DNS) will be recorded if the student fails to submit the assessment.
Supplies needed for this assessment
• Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint must be used to create all documents.
• After finishing, provide your trainer with a printed copy of the assessment and the assessment cover sheet.
• Consult the eLearning notes before responding to the tasks.
• The trainer will supply any additional materials.
Students’ Instructions
Please carefully read the following instructions:
Please complete this assessment in accordance with the guidelines provided by your assessor.
This evaluation may be taken home by the students.
• You will receive feedback on each task to help you see where your work may be improved. Within two weeks after the assessment’s due date, you will receive feedback on your work.
• If you don’t provide accurate answers, you will receive feedback on the outcomes and your knowledge gaps. For this unit of competency, you will have one more chance to show that you have the necessary knowledge and abilities.
• If there is anything about this assessment that you are unclear about, ask your assessor to explain it to you.
For more details, please see the college’s re-evaluation and re-enrollment policy.
Assessment Specifications and Processes
The applicant must show that they have the knowledge, abilities, and skills necessary to assess each element of the marketing mix, choose a marketing mix that is appropriate for a given market, and then maintain and modify the marketing mix.
The applicant must compile and deliver a report on the marketing mix at their current or previous place of employment. The whole report should cover an analysis of marketing performance and each element of the marketing mix. To the class, the report is to be delivered.
Key product attributes, advertising strategies, and each element of the revised marketing mix should all be taken into account in the report and presentation. The report must assess the contribution made to the organization’s marketing goals, plans, and preferred positioning.
You need to supply: a written report (18 to 20 pages);
• The report’s structure should include: o A title that clearly states the report’s subject matter;
a table of contents (a list of the key subsections and headings, together with page numbers)
· executive summary, which presents the key conclusions with brevity.
Introduction: What will this report cover?
o Body Content (describes in detail the key areas of the assessments, broken down into several paragraphs using objective data, charts, and visual imagery to illustrate the key points of your analysis and use of charts and graphs that include any pertinent market research or internal company surveys used).
A summary of all your main ideas is included in the conclusion.
• all pertinent work-related material to back up your study (to be added as appendices when appropriate), such as a mission statement for the organization detailing business goals a market research report defining the target market
· a marketing strategy or plan involving a budget
· a marketing campaign with marketing mix elements and monitoring procedures
pricing principles.
Your assessor will be looking for a report that: • addresses each step of the process outlined above; • establishes the marketing mix for a specific market; • evaluates each component of the marketing mix; • shows the monitoring and adjusting of the marketing mix; • shows culturally appropriate communication skills to relate to people from diverse backgrounds and people with diverse abilities; • contains the literacy skills needed to analyze market information.
Candidates must exhibit their understanding of the following: • the most important elements of pertinent legislation, codes of conduct, and national standards that have an impact on business operations; • organizational policies, procedures, goods, and services.
• statistical approaches; • marketing principles and ideas, including consumer behavior and the examination of marketing mix components.

Test Questions, Part A
You are a student at Wentworth Metro College; use your knowledge, talents, and personal experiences to contribute to the resolution of the following query.
1. Examine Wentworth Metro College’s products and services’ marketing strategies.
2. List the essential traits of the goods and/or services and their relevance to the market.
3. Analyze pricing variables and the pricing policy to assess the impact on the market. As supporting documentation, include a copy of the policy of Wentworth Metro College with your report.
4. Examine the impact on market results of each of the following: a. promotional strategies; b. clientele; c. channels of distribution; d. the caliber of customer service offered.
5. Identify the components of the marketing mix in areas such as: a. data on the usage of each component of the marketing mix.
b. Evaluate and test their importance to one another and their relevance to the consumer base.
Part B
6. Specify environmental elements and evaluate any potential effects on the marketing mix.
7. Identify consumer objectives, needs, and preferences, as well as how these affect the marketing mix.
8. Take into account variances in the goods, pricing, marketing initiatives, routes of distribution, and services. If new products, services, or other offerings will be made, consider how they will fit into marketing goals, target market traits, and intended positioning.
9. Examine the marketing mix in light of: a. which blend is the most effective, and justify your choice.
b. assess your choice of the marketing mix to make sure it satisfies your organization’s strategic and operational marketing goals.
Part C
10. Track the performance of the company’s goods and/or services to identify the parts that need to be evaluated.
11. Examine the effects of changing one or more elements of the marketing mix in response to market circumstances and consumer feedback.
12. Modify the marketing mix’s components in response to the following factors: a. test findings and market response evaluations; b. budget needs; c. ongoing achievement of organizational strategic goals; d. persistent upholding of operational marketing goals and target market.

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