“Ethical Challenge”
Prepare a 2-page written response to two “Ethical Challenge” questions in the chapters covered in your assigned reading. You should select the ethical challenge questions (two separate challenges, 1 question each) and prepare your submission according to the requirements listed in the assignment overview. In the written assignment for each class, students will submit a two-page paper on the ethical challenges at the end of each text chapter. Students should choose two ethical challenges and submit a one-page response to each challenge. (Note that the challenges should be written and attached, but are not part of the required pages). Each response should incorporate learning from the text and a supporting Biblical principle, with explanation of how the Biblical principle supports the students response. The submitted written work must be word processed, spell-checked, and grammatically correct. The contents of this written assignment may also be used for class discussion *********PAGE 1 Talk about this Ethical Challenge***************** 1.You are a research fellow for a Washington. D.C.—based research institute investigation thy ethics of restrictions on the international movement of labor. In the practice or international trade, both physical resources and capital cross international borders rather freely, whereas labor is heavily restricted. In fact, it can be extremely difficult for individuals to obtain a permit that allows them to be gainfully employed within many countries. Thus while companies are free to set up production in markets where labor is cheap, labor cannot move to markets where wages are higher. Some argue this locks poor people to their poor geographies and gives them little hope for advancement. Why do you think this situation prevails? Is it ethical that of all the components of production, labor is the one most subject to restrictions on its international mobility? Explain. *********PAGE 2 Talk about this Ethical Challenge*****************2. You are the production manager for a European based firm that is considering outsourcing its man-manufacturing to a producer in China. You are asked by your firms CEO to prepare a report that outlines the benefits and drawbacks of this potential change. During your research, you consider the fact that international trade theories propose that protectionist actions that restrict imports harm a nations standard of living—an argument for free trade. Yet you know that free trade and global competition is driving firms like your own to move production to cheaper locations abroad, thereby eliminating jobs in their home countries. Clearly, the gains and losses of free trade are not always distributed evenly across the population. As part of your report to the CEO, argue either for or against the need for measures that protect domestic production and, therefore, jobs at home.

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