Ethical concerns

You must complete a five to seven-page essay (about 1500 words) for this project in which you analyze an ethical dilemma derived from your personal experiences or observations of the outside world using the work of two philosophers whose concepts we studied in the first part of the class.

Explain an ethical issue that you have run into in some way in your own life to start. You can refer to a predicament you were in or one that you were aware of but didn’t necessarily have a direct hand in. The most crucial point is that you should describe a scenario from your own experience in which an ethical decision had to be made.

Provide concise descriptions of the thoughts of two of the authors whose works we have read in World Ethics, the course textbook, after you have established the situation you aim to study. Explain how you think you might apply the two philosophers’ theories to the situation you are analyzing after outlining what you feel are the most critical aspects of their respective positions. What insights into how to approach the current ethical issue does each philosopher’s work provide?

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Comment on the value—both practical and ethical—that you see in applying the philosophical concepts you’ve developed to a current ethical issue. Discuss how your perception of the issue you used those theoretical, abstract techniques to has changed as a result of your study of them.

The essay ought to:

Demonstrate a thorough comprehension of the thoughts of the two philosophers whose works we read in World Ethics.
Be well-organized, with all of the aforementioned factors taken into consideration.
Include an introduction and a conclusion, and build each paragraph logically.
Double-spaced, word-processed, and thoroughly proofread.



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