Ethical Violations

Choose one. Which action you think is the least unethical action and provide an explanation of your belief and  which action you think is the most unethical and provide an explanation of your belief.

*Provider prescribes a pain medication to a patient knowing that the patient is routinely misusing/abusing the medication.
*Provider gossips about a patients STD at a dinner party.
*Provider slaps a patient who is being annoying.
*Provider pulls strings to get her friend seen faster than other patients in the emergency department.
*Provider performs CPR on a patient with a do not resuscitate order.
*Provider fails to report a medical error to hospital administration.
*Provider gets drunk a few hours before performing surgery on a patient.
*Provider fires a medical assistant because he does not like her accent.
*Provider prescribes a medication for a man, knowing that he will give it to his daughter who needs the medication but lacks health insurance


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