This essay discusses normative ethics. The “extreme and restricted utilitarianism” from The Ethical Life book should be used. Compare the approaches taken by various ethical theories to the issue raised in the article. Create a defense for one of these ideas. You must explain your perspective in your paper, along with the logic behind it. Any other sources will not be accepted at all, and you only need to use these two books to complete the assignment. (1) R. Landau and Shafer (2015). The Foundations of ethics, third or second edition. Oxford University Press, New York, NY. (2015). Shafer-Landau, R. (Ed.). (2) The ethical life: Basic readings in moral issues and ethics (3rd or 2nd ed.). Oxford University Press, New York, NY. Please include the citation’s page number. Best wishes
Many people now lack a means of making a living due to the rising rate of unemployment and population expansion. The problem has led to an increase in moral degradation and cultural loss in many societies in America and around the world. Many people have ended up relocating to cities and other places where there is a class of some working people since they are unable to make a living at any opportunity that arises. This has had the greatest impact on the female generation, who makes up the majority of any given population. The development of ethical ideas has led to ways to stop the spread of these unethical actions (The ethical life, 2015). Educating and empowering girls, diversifying the economy to provide work opportunities, and establishing international organizations are some of the answers that were suggested. among other important solutions, monitor and assess how well cultural and ethical life forms are respected.
A significant step in ensuring that the marked moral deterioration abruptly comes to an end is the creation of the philosophy to empower girls. Women are crucial to the growth of families and should serve as the foundation for all future life forms. A revelation will be made regarding the introduction of civic education on the uncertainties and hazards that one is likely to encounter as a result of engaging in such behaviors. It will become a crucial step in the direction of achieving a zero-percent spread of sexually transmitted illnesses. Prostitution, in my opinion, is one of the factors that stunts people’s mental growth and undermines their ability to develop. Participating citizens experience less innovation and creativity as a result and are instead ruled by outdated concepts. Many people will learn the value of having a family via the empowerment of society and will afterwards steer clear of any situations that can lead to moral vices.

Here are the professor’s feedback on the suggested topic for the essay.
“It appears that you have a well-developed understanding of the prostitution issue. You must build connections between these ideas and the ones we have been talking about in order to turn them into a strong paper, as you suggest in your proposal. You seem to be making a number of points as you outline the social factors that contribute to prostitution, its detrimental impacts, and potential solutions. It is especially crucial to discuss why prostitution is an issue in the context of this course. Is it because prostitution has negative effects (a consequentialist perspective), because it is morally wrong in and of itself (a deontological view), or both (a pluralist view)?


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