*This paper is about normative ethics. You should use Smart, “extreme and restricted utilitarianism” from The Ethical Life book. Compare the solutions to the problem from the article given by different ethical theories. Develop an argument for one of these solutions. In your paper, you should describe the position that you take, and your reason for taking it. You only need these two books to write the paper and any other sources will not be accepted at all. (1)ShaferLandau, R. (2015). The fundamentals of ethics, (3rd or 2nd Ed.). New York, NY, Oxford University Press. Shafer¬Landau, R. (Ed.). (2015). (2) The ethical life: Fundamental readings in ethics and moral problems (3rd or 2nd ed.). New York, NY, Oxford University Press. Please write the pages number in the citation. Best regards
The increased rate of unemployment and population growth has resulted in many people lacking an avenue to venture and make an earning. The issue has caused a rise in the moral decay and the cultural erosion of many American and world societies. Due to the inadequacy of people to make a living at any available opportunity, many people have ended up moving into cities and other areas where there exists a class of some working people. The effect of this has mostly affected the female generation that has the highest composition of any given population. The ethical theories developed have come up with solutions to curb the progress of these unethical behaviors (The ethical life, 2015). Among the generated solutions include the enlightenment and empowerment of the girl child, diversification of the economy to create more job opportunities, creation of international organization monitor and evaluate the respect of the cultural and ethical life forms amongst other key solutions.
The development of the ideology to empower the girl child is a milestone towards ensuring that the pronounced moral decay comes into an abrupt cease. Women play a major role in the development of families and should form a basis for new life forms to the whole world. The introduction of civic education on the uncertainties and dangers that one is likely to face as a result of indulging herself in such behaviors will get a revelation. It will become a fundamental move towards ensuring that the spread of sexually transmitted infections gets directed towards zero rates. I strongly believe that prostitution is one of the impediments that undermine development and results in a retardation of peoples way of thinking. Citizens involving themselves in such a business end up having less innovation and creativity but instead get dominated with primitive ideas. Through the empowerment of the society, many people will get to understand the importance of owning a family and, therefore, avoid any instances that may result in moral vices.

Here are the professor comments on the proposal to write the paper,
“It looks like you have a well-developed view of the problem of prostitution. In order to take these ideas and make them into a good paper, you will need to connect them to the ideas that we have been discussing (as you mention in your proposal). You seem to make a number of points: you describe the social causes of prostitution, the negative effects of prostitution, and solutions to the problem. In the context of this course, it is especially relevant to discuss why prostitution itself is a problem. Is it because of negative effects (a consequentialist view), because prostitution itself is the violation of a moral rule (a deontological view), or both (pluralist).”

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