You will think about the effects of acting ethically or unethically as you complete this task. After reading the Jennings handout in its entirety and the additional ethics materials, thoroughly explore the moral dilemmas raised by this case. First, classify the ethical problem(s), then look at it from many angles, outline any potential justifications, and finally, utilize at least one ethical paradigm to solve the problem.
Your response must be typed and range in length from 500 to 1000 words, double-spaced, and using font size 12. You could include this task in your writing portfolio.
The Situation
J. Buffalo Corp. manufactures and sells farm equipment. J. Buffalo established Great Plains Combines, Inc. in 2010 as a wholly-owned subsidiary with the exclusive purpose of marketing the company’s self-propelled combines and four-wheel-drive tractors. Both goods’ sales were at an all-time low. Although J. Buffalo owned Great Plains, the law views them as independent businesses. J. Buffalo persuaded current and former workers who worked on the goods to accept transfers of their positions and retirement benefit plans from J. Buffalo to Great Plains. J. Buffalo predicted that Great Plains would fail, and it did so within two years. The retirement plan for current employees was cancelled, and retirees no longer received benefits, among other effects. Using the aforementioned principles, have a conversation about the ethical issues.


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