: Ethics – Consent in Health Care

Topic: Ethics – Consent in Health Care

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Compare and contrast interprofessional approaches to an ethical issues in the practice setting
Students are to review AV resources loaded in their LEO unit Assessment Module. Each AV resource features a 5 minute interview of a health professional discussing an ethical issue in clinical practice. For semester two 2014 this topic is on consent.
Students are required to select the AV resource representative of their own health professional discipline and also view a second one to compare and contrast to their own. Similarities and differences between the two interprofessional responses to the given ethical issue are to be identified and students should discuss how the two professions might interact and collaborate in the given ethical issue in practice.

Themes to relate to when searching for sources:
what are ethics
Human rights in health care
Ethical framework in health care
Controversial issues such as culture vs. consent
Nursing perspective on ethics and consent

To make clear of this essay please follow the sub-headings in the power point, this will guide your essay. For example slide 2 “ A question to guide your essay” then following on to the actual question “Why are health care professionals required to gain consent/ assent before providing treatment and care?” Read carefully what it says, always remember is is about consent in health care from a nurses perspective.


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