ethics of the price of peace cabin in the woods essay

Question 1 do you think what the company is doing is ethically right or wrong? Wrong because no life is insignificant .
Question 2 : do you think Danna was ethically right or wrong when she tried to kill her friend Marty?
Based on Netzshe views the will to power Danna was right for wanting to kill Marty to save herself
the barbarians succeed and the tools fail.
Question3: do you think Marty was right or wrong
for not warning Danna about the werewolf that was behind her? Marty was right because he had been
protecting Danna the whole time and now she was
going to end his life in order to survive.
Question 4: how would Bentham answer question 1? We are all pleasure pain organisms thus, it is okay to sacrifice a few to save the many this is how the company sees it.
They take pleasure in appeasing those deities and avoiding cataclysms.

Question 5: how would Kant answer question 1?
EMANUAL KANT would say- duty comes before
happiness so the company has a duty to sacrifice
the few to save the many or masses.
Question number 6: How would Aristotle answer
question 1?

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