EU law

Read Albert Sanchez Graells “Ask responsibly”: a warning on the hypertrophy of referrals for preliminary rulings
A Arnull, “The Use and Abuse of Article 177 EEC”(1989) 52 Modern Law Review 622
In essay talk about the Judgment of the Court of 11 March 1980. – Pasquale Foglia v Mariella Novello. – Reference for a preliminary ruling: Pretura di Bra – Italy and also the (Da Costa en Schaake ) case of 29th of November 2001 about it being acte éclairé and the important case of CILFIT v. Ministry of Health being acte Clair. You could also talk about the Kobler case in which Member States may be liable for loss suffered as a result of the misapplication of EU law by a Court of Final Appeal or cite Murry C.J in Dunne v. Minister for the Environment[2006] IESC 49.

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