evaluate recent HCI related developments and their applications discuss the impact of HCI in the workplace

Evaluate recent HCI-related developments and their applications, discuss the impact of HCI in the workplace

assess current HCI breakthroughs and their applications. Describe the effects of HCI at work. Create a human-computer interface for the application in question and discuss the user characteristics for the HCI design you’ve chosen. Describe the principles that were used to create the design. Analyze actual test results against expected results to find differences after critically evaluating and testing an interface. Analyze outside opinions and offer suggestions for advancements. Scenario: You work as a software developer for a small, Manchester-based software company. A local train firm recently gave them a project to create the user interface for ticket machines that will be put in various stations throughout Greater Manchester. It is up to you to create the prototype. Your manager just got back from a fact-finding trip to the corporate office. The specifics are repeated below: The user can purchase tickets for a number of locations throughout Greater Manchester. Different ticket categories include day, return, and single travel. The user has the option of choosing between one or more tickets. On promotional tickets, the user receives savings. Weekly and monthly tickets are available to regular users. Student tickets at a discount. Update customers about the latest company promotions. Cash, credit cards, and debit cards are all accepted forms of payment for tickets. Initially, analyze users. List some of the main categories of ticket vending machine users. Look for five or more groups. List a few of the traits that often set each group apart. Task Evaluation For the ticket machines, list the users’ primary responsibilities. Find five or more tasks. Try to come up with jobs that are exclusively applicable to particular user groups in addition to tasks for all users. Requirements Based on your user and job analysis, list both functional and non-functional requirements for the system. Your task analysis immediately provides the functional requirements that it must fulfill. Using Visual Studio 2012, create a prototype for the ticket machines based on the specifications you defined in job 1.3. Create onscreen instructions to guide users through your prototype, and make a testing strategy to compare actual test results with predicted results to spot discrepancies. Task 2 Publish a report. Please consult your VS 2012 product. Analyze how it has been created, paying close attention to how the user is expected to utilize it. Write down the first thoughts that spring to mind regarding the excellent and problematic aspects of the prototype’s functionality based on your initial impressions. Describe any restrictions placed on the prototype design you came up with. Which criteria do you believe will be most helpful in evaluating the device, given your knowledge and user experience objectives? Determine which are most crucial, and then explain why. Use Jakob Nielsen’s heuristics to evaluate the prototype’s usability. Determine any usability issues and rank their importance. On the basis of your usability analysis, discuss interface changes that might be done. Note. Working alongside a classmate and providing feedback on each other’s work could be helpful in addressing the aforementioned concerns. You’ll see your UI from a different angle as a result. Examine recent advancements in HCI and their applications, and then talk about how HCI technology can be utilized to help persons with impairments at work.



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