Evaluate strategies for communicating change. Evaluate the reactions to change including identifying signs of resistance and approaches to managing it.

Evaluate strategies for communicating change.

Sing the organization that your instructor preapproved, diagnose the organization’s level of resistance and construct a solid communication plan. Record a maximum of a five to seven (5-7) minute dynamic video on the subjects listed below using a tablet, smartphone, laptop, desktop, or conventional video recorder. Instead of submitting a video, you can instead submit a four to six (4-6) page paper.

It should be noted that in order to upload a video to Blackboard from a tablet or smartphone, you must first email the video file to yourself and then save it to your computer. If your email won’t let you send a huge video clip, you might try to transfer your film to a file-sharing site like Dropbox. The Dropbox app is available for all smartphones and tablets.

Click here to watch the “Student Video Assignment Submission” video tutorial in the “Creating a Presentation for Your Course” playlist after you’re prepared to post your video to Blackboard.

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When your movie has finished uploading, use the following naming convention in the popup window:

Managing Organizational Change, Your First Name, Your Last Name

Organizational Change, HRM 560

– HRM560 Assignment 4 (Date Uploaded, e.g., 11-14-2014) First Name, Last Name

Write a four to six (4-6) page essay or prepare and present a maximum five to seven (5-7) minute video in which you:

Determine the causes of change resistance. Interpret the possible organizational sources of resistance. Describe three (3) possible reasons why people might resist your change strategy. Choose three (3) probable sources of opposition to your change strategy and describe them. Make a strategy for reducing potential opposition to your change management strategy. Explain the connection between communication and resistance to change. Review three (3) different communication techniques. Give your organization one (1) communication strategy that would work. Analyze why this communication approach is the most effective one for your company. For your change initiative, have a strong communication plan. For this task, consult at least four (4) reliable academic sources. Note that Wikipedia and other websites of a similar nature do not constitute scholarly materials. Please provide a one (1) page summary of your presentation if you decide to submit a video presentation.

If you decide to write a paper, your project must adhere to the following formatting standards:

be typed with one-inch margins on all sides, Times New Roman font in size 12, double spacing, and APA style citations and references. If there are any more instructions, ask your lecturer. Include a cover page with the assignment’s title, your name, the name of your professor, the name of the course, and the date. The required assignment page length does not include the cover page or the reference page. The specific learning objectives for the course linked to this assignment are:

Analyze communication tactics for transformation. Analyze how people react to change, paying particular attention to signals of resistance and strategies for dealing with them. Analyze communication tactics for transformation. Investigate problems with managing organizational change by using technology and information resources. Use good writing techniques while discussing managing organizational transformation straightforwardly and succinctly.



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