Evaluate the companys business strategy and global competitiveness plan. Conduct an internal assessment using SWOT analysis.

Evaluate the company’s business strategy and global competitiveness plan

An organization’s culture, tactics, and organizational structure all have a significant role in its success. You will learn the significance of these components in the success or failure of an organization through this project.

The first of two LASA assignments that you will finish for this course is this one.

Methods for doing internal and external environment studies can be researched using the Argosy University online library resources and the Internet. Choose three academic sources minimum to back up the data in your report.

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LASA description:

You will evaluate an organization’s present status in both the internal and external environments as part of this project.


You have been employed as a consultant to assess the effectiveness of a service or manufacturing company. You must evaluate the organization’s existing situation with respect to its business operations, strategy, and organizational structure as part of your job, and you must also look for any potential ethical problems that management might encounter. You have been requested to provide a report of your results to the executive management team.


For LASA 1 and LASA 2, pick a publicly traded manufacturing or service company as the focus of your writing. (You ought to pick a different company than you did for your prior jobs.) Choose a company about which the public has easy access to a wealth of information (through the corporate website, trade periodicals, business newspapers, etc.).

Use the following methodology to review the company while you prepare your report:

Analyze the company’s global competitiveness plan and business strategy. SWOT analysis should be used to conduct an internal evaluation. Utilize an external scenario analysis to evaluate the external environment. Draw a diagram of the corporate structure. Define the business process for the organization using the tools of business process design. Determine any potential ethical problems that might affect the company’s typical management functions and suggest mitigation strategies. Use a minimum of three sources to conduct your research. Your essay needs to be well-written, brief and organized. It should also follow ethical scholarly standards by accurately attributing sources and using proper spelling, grammar, and punctuation.

Create a Word document with an 8–10 page report. Cite sources in accordance with APA guidelines. Use the format LastnameFirstInitial_M3_A2.doc when naming files.



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