Evaluating a Drug Treatment Program

Research Paper – Evaluating a Drug Treatment Program For your 9-10 page Research Paper (that includes title page, abstract, and references; body of paper is 6-7 pages) you will evaluate a specific drug treatment program. There are many programs to choose from including residential treatment (in-patient), out-patient, local support groups, extended care centers, recovery or sober houses, addiction counseling, mental health, holistic approaches to substance abuse treatment, and many others. Some rehab centers offer age- and gender-specific programs, Therapeutic Communities, Chemical Dependency Programs, Private Hospital Drug Treatment programs, Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, The Minnesota Model, Rational Recovery, Secular Organization for Sobriety, Moderation Management, etc., etc. The paper should include the following sections: Structure – Follow the outline below to format your paper: Title Page APA format Abstract (this heading should be centered, not bolded) After the title page, your abstract will start on the top of page 2 and will be a maximum of 150 words. Although, the abstract is on page 2, it is the last part of paper to be written as it is a brief summary (main points) of your entire paper. This is written in general terms leaving the specifics for later. Introduction (this heading should be centered and bolded) Opening paragraph Begin the paper with an introductory paragraph which includes an explicit thesis statement. Should be a clear statement providing focus of the topic to be discussed in your paper. Review of literature (ROL) on the topic This is a review of the specific treatment program you will be evaluating. Include four sources in your review (each of these articles must be from peer-reviewed journals). All of these articles should be summarized with enough depth so the reader understands how the treatment program is run. This section should give factual information concerning the programs. You are laying the foundation for the reader and when completed it should be clear how the treatment program is accomplished. All in-text citations must be presented using APA format. Be sure to include each in the reference section as well. Provide a transition paragraph leading reader into discussion section Objective of the rest of the paper should be clarified here. Discussion (this heading should be centered and bolded) This section allows you to give your opinions as to why or how a particular program is effective or not. You may determine it is better for a particular type of client. Much flexibility is given here but your analysis must be clear and to the point. Give evidence as to why you feel the way you do. Evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of the treatment program related to the following: Resistance from clients. You may determine the program is better for a particular type of client; less resistance, etc. Give evidence as to why you feel the way you do. Relapse issues Can program be applied to the real world? If applicable, discuss potential problems it might have in transferring from the artificial setting (for example, a 24/7 detox facility) to the applied setting. Other pros and cons of this treatment program? Include two media reports (magazine, newspaper, or Internet articles) that support your views. Compare/contrast these articles with ROL (journal articles). Conclusion paragraph. Finish this section with final words stating how information contained in this paper is important insofar as applied value is concerned emphasizing what the take-away message is. Your overall opinion. Note: Besides the main heading of Discussion (centered), also include subheadings (flush left) for this section. For example, possible subheadings might be: Advantages/Disadvantages, Compare/Contrast, Conclusion, etc. However, other ways of breaking this section down are possible. Use your best judgement insofar as presenting in a way that makes it easy for the reader to follow. References (centered, not bolded) APA Format Include exactly six sources in your paper (four must be from peer-reviewed journals; the other two from media reports (magazine, newspaper, or Internet). You cannot use your textbook as a source; however, you can use textbook to help locate original articles. Note: While the above includes specific instructions for each section, the following website gives an accurate guideline for general APA rules. For example, notice format for the headings and subheadings, in-text citations, references, etc.

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