Evaluating Conversations

Weekly Readings and Videos

Effective Communication Skills . (2021). Bellevue University

Networking in the Social Media Age 

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. (2021). Bellevue University

How To Have Powerful Conversations that Will Influence People. Quy, L. (2019, May 15). smartbrief.com

The 4 Powerful Conversations that Will Improve Your Leadership. Daskal, L. lollydaskal.com

Top 5 – Difficult Conversation Mistakes. (2:18). Skill Boosters. (2015, Sep 1). youtube.com


Every day in your business, relationships are built with coworkers and with customers. Typically, business managers are responsible for coaching and counseling employees, giving performance evaluations to associates, and resolving customer complaints.


Recall a recent business conversation you participated in that did not result in your intended outcome. This may be a conversation you had with a peer, a conversation at a store team meeting, or a conversation with your supervisor, a customer, or a vendor.

Review this week’s course content and conduct outside research on models for effective communication to answer the following:

  1. Explain how you did, or did not, complete stages of an effective conversation.
  2. Identify the point where the conversation broke down and caused your intended outcome to not be achieved. What could have been done differently? How will you avoid future situations and prepare for difficult conversations?
  3. Explain why preparing for difficult conversations leads to more effective outcomes.

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