Evaluating titles and abstracts of research articles

Read the attached file containing two chapters from Pyrczaks textbook Evaluating Research in Academic Journals. These chapters will help you determine the quality of titles and abstracts of academic articles. And an added bonus: both chapters are very short and well-written, with lots of examples.

What follows is a hands-on exercise to practice your newly-acquired skills.

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Additionally, Using the criteria outlined by Pyrczak (12 criteria for titles and 7 criteria for abstracts), evaluate the titles and abstracts of the 14 articles in the attached file.

Answer the following questions:

1) What is the best title among these 14 articles? Explain why.

2) What is the worst title among these 14 articles? Explain why.

3) What is the best abstract among these 14 articles? Explain why.

4) What is the worst abstract among these 14 articles? Explain why.

5) In the UNH databases, find an article (on any CJ topic) that you think has a badly written title according to Pyrczaks criteria. Copy and paste the article title here and explain why it is not good.

When answering the above questions, make sure to explain your answers clearly, using Pyrczaks criteria.

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