Evaluation of the sources credibility, including the authors credentials and the verifiability of the sources information this should include where you found the source (KU Library, Google search engine, government website, etc.)

How to Write an Annotated Bibliography” on KUWC

Your research is organized in an annotated bibliography by using APA citations and a brief description of each source. You must compile an annotated bibliography for four sources that support a change argument as part of this assignment. One of the sources should address a divergent opinion or common misunderstanding about your subject. For the Unit 8 Assignment, a compelling research essay, your instructor will offer insightful criticism on the sources you locate so you may choose whether to utilize them or not.

You must include the following components in your annotated bibliography assignment:

APA-style manuscript title page.
Your updated thesis statement for a change-related argument in your community or place of employment
A periodical or ebook should be one of the four primary and secondary sources; ideally, it should be from the Kaplan Library.
The following sources would be appropriate:
Article, book, ebook, or section of a book or ebook
Periodical (such as a journal article, magazine, or newspaper)
Internet-based source (such as a blog, organization website, or online article)
Video or audio source (such as a podcast, TED Talk, video blog, or documentary)
A primary source, such as a government report, case study, or speech, in which the content’s writers are the primary researchers (the ones who conducted research),
An opposing opinion or misinformation should be addressed by at least one source.
Each source should have an APA citation, which you would typically put on a references page.
Each of the following elements must be included in a complete paragraph in the annotation for each source:
A brief explanation of the source (without any direct quotes from the source) should be followed by a parenthetical citation, such as Smith (2014).
The credibility of the source should be evaluated, taking into account the author’s qualifications and the verifiability of the information. You should also note where you found the source (KU Library, Google, a government website, etc.).
Talk about how the source might help your case for a change in your neighborhood or place of employment.
Standard American English must be used in all writing.
Throughout the assignment, use APA manuscript format.

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Please read the materials listed below to assist you in completing this assignment effectively, including the pertinent articles from the Kaplan University Writing Center that cover how to create an annotated bibliography, locate and assess literature, and utilize APA citations. Your composition of this assignment will benefit from the learning exercises on analyzing sources that were previously mentioned.

“How to Write an Annotated Bibliography” on KUWC
“Common Citations in APA Format,” KUWC.
“Citing Sources Tutorial” (video) from KUWC
Podcast or transcript for “Internet-Only Sources” from KUWC
(Video or PDF) KUWC: “APA Sample Title Page”

To view the rubric your teacher will use to grade your assignment, click the following link: Rubric for Unit 6’s Assignment

To view an example of an assignment, go to the following link: Unit 6 Assignment Sample.

submitting your assignment for Unit 6:

Keep in mind that the instructor will evaluate and assess this assignment as well as any others you submit for this course if you utilize Word. When you’re prepared to turn it in, visit the Unit 6 Dropbox and follow these instructions:

Activate the “Submit an Assignment” link.
Choose Unit 6: Assignment Dropbox under “Submit to Basket” on the menu.
Make sure to include at least the title of your work in the “Comments” field.
Select “Add Attachments” from the menu.
To attach your Word document, follow the directions indicated.

After your instructor has graded it, return to Dropbox or visit the Gradebook to see what they found.



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