Everyday Leadership at Walmart

Weekly Readings and Videos

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When we hear the term leader, we tend to think of someone in authority: a company CEO, a high-ranking politician, or the coach of a successful sports team. However, leadership is not limited only to people in positions of authority. Every day, we see leadership at all levels of an organization, regardless of the position an individual holds within the company.


Conduct external and internal (Walmart) research on everyday leadership. Use course content and the results of your research to complete the following instructions:

  1. Leadership can occur at any level. Identify one person in your store or business who is not in a formal position of authority, but whom you believe demonstrates leadership. (Please do not use any last names to identify this person, to protect their privacy.)
  2. Explain what this person does or how this person acts that demonstrate leadership.
  3. How does consistency, helping others, and a positive attitude add to leader effectiveness?
  4. What can you do to be a better leader in your Walmart store or business? Explain your choice and how it will make you a better leader.



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