Practices based on evidence. nursing doctorate
Order Specifications
Pick two academic, peer-reviewed publications that discuss research studies.
Any of the sources suggested in the readings or the GCU Library can be used to locate the articles.
Talk about the following:
1. One article must be a quantitative example, and the other must be a qualitative example of a research project.
2. These articles will be used for Modules 3, 4, 6, and 8 assignments.
3. Compose a 350–500 word statement that addresses the following:
4. A justification for the quantitative or qualitative classification of each research investigation.
5. An explanation of your choices.
6. The journal page citation for the research paper that was chosen and the justifications for the choice.
7. A hyperlink to the chosen articles or a copy of each article as an attachment.
While APA style is not necessary, excellent academic writing is.
Unless your instructor specifically instructs you to do so, you are not expected to turn in this work to Turnitin. If instructed, look up directions at the Student Success Center. Turnitin only accepts Word documents for submission.



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