evolution mechanics Meme

1. Create your meme. There are lots of meme generators available you can Google–or use this one.
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2. In the Big 1 Gallery, insert your Meme into a post, then write a short paragraph explaining your meme (see example below), include:
a) which evolutionary mechanism(s) it is about
b) explain your meme
c) how that mechanism can change the population’s genetics
Example: ( Ill send it in chat Box)

Mechanism it is about: Sexual Selection

Explanation: Sexual selections happen when there is an imbalance in parental investment in offspring. When a parent is not invested in the offspring’s survival, they will typically instead have a trait that hurts their survival chances, as this demonstrates to possible mates that they can survive regardless (and thus have good genes to pass on to offspring). This meme is about making a hard decision, as if the individuals cannot decide whether to invest in their offspring or have disadvantageous traits instead.


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