Evolution of Digital Marketing


Evolution of Digital Marketing Assignment (This assignment, task 1, has been started – please see attached files. References for the images used so far are in a separate file) Assignment Brief Digital Marketing relies on many of the approaches used in traditional marketing. This includes the extended Marketing Mix, known as the 7P’s (Product, Price, Place, Promotion, People, Process and Physical Evidence). Modern organisations use the 7P’s to manage their marketing approach and achieve their business objectives. In this unit, you will learn about the how the 7P’s are used by a modern organisations and will illustrate this with examples. 

The Brief Choose one company from the Fortune 500 to complete this assignment. The Fortune 500 is an annual list of the top companies in the United States based on total revenue. It is compiled by Fortune magazine. —— Chosen company “APPLE” You are a freelance digital marketing consultant working with a client in the Fortune 500. They ask you to review its marketing mix (7P’s) and submit your findings to them. You will deliver your findings in one PDF document, which will include images, a written report, links to videos and links to your own blog. Pay close attention to the style and design of your work. Task 1 Conduct online research to understand your chosen company’s marketing mix (7 P’s) by exploring images and videos produced over time. Develop a collection of images and videos that demonstrate each of the 7P’s (e.g. photos of the company’s products, their stores etc.). Use offline and online sources to research your images/videos, not images that you have produced yourself. Your images/videos should compare the company’s marketing mix over time and show how they have evolved to: Meet market trends and customer needs Respond to developments in technology Respond to competitor activities. Create a document to show your research findings using Powerpoint, Word, GoogleSlides or another application of your choice. This will include: 3-5 images per P (Price, Place etc, 21-35 images in total) A short written description of each images/video by adding annotations to each one. Links to videos Citing and referencing all images/videos appropriately using the Harvard system. Save the finished document as a PDF. Deliverables: Your Marketing Mix Document saved as a PDF and labelled ‘Assignment 1 Task 1’ Task 2 Choose the P that interests you the most and use books, articles, journals, blogs, news and any other reputable sources to research it in further detail. Write a report of around 500-700 words (not including the reference list), which will include: An overview of your chosen P in terms of your client. Explaining how effective your client is at using this P to achieve marketing success. Explaining how your client has adapted the P over time to meet market forces such as customer needs, developments in technology and competitor activities. Appropriate citations and a reference list using the Harvard system. Deliverables: Your written report, saved as a PDF and labelled ‘Assignment 1, Task 2’.

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