exam Applications of Social Justice in Psychological Treatment

1. Consider Juns discussion of “clocking” the inner and outer experiences on page 75; how are the therapists assumptions similar to those in the case example on page 20?

2. On page 63 Jun states “Changing feelings, thoughts, and behaviors requires examining a clients whole self.” in reference to the importance of clinicians efforts to examine, understand, and change their own biases. How might this process mirror the same defenses in a clinician that you would expect to see in a client during the therapeutic process?

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3. Complete any one of the activities in chapter three of the Jun text; what defensive or rationalizing thoughts or reaction did you experience? How were they meant to preserve potential biases that you have?

4. Chung and Bemak present examples of “unfair treatment of specific groups” on page 27; what are two concrete things you could do for each of these groups in your capacity as a psychologist?

5. What role does your value system play in how (meaning in what capacity) you see yourself being able to help? What risks do you run in relation to your own privilege? What risks do you run in relation to any of your minority statuses?

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