evaluate stellar leadership models, analyzing the leadership philosophies and methods
Description of the order Week 5 Individual Project
You will start working on your final project for this module this week. The goal of the final project is to analyze events or problems from the real world using the concepts and methods from the module. Instead of summarizing or restating already published work, teachers expect their students to do original analysis using a variety of information sources. When feasible, teachers and students urge them to draw on circumstances and information from their own lives.

Your assignment for Week 5 is to create and turn in a proposal that details the project’s nature, the sources of information you want to employ, and the key principles and procedures to be used. The Instructor will provide feedback on the proposal in Week 6, giving you the opportunity to make changes.

Examining excellent leadership examples and analyzing their styles and efficacy are the goals of the final project. You must decide on two leaders (living or dead) to study in terms of their leadership qualities, philosophies, capacities for inspiring change, etc. These leadership case studies must be analyzed and evaluated using the principles you have learned throughout the program, including your journal entries.

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Additionally, you will be required to keep a weekly notebook in which you must record significant leadership-related features that you come across during the module. You can write in your journal about leadership lessons you’ve personally learned or ideas you’ve developed from books or class discussions. At least 1820 entries into your journal are required. According to the syllabus and the Week 1 Assignment, entries into the diary were supposed to start in Week 1.

The facts and observations from your journal entries will subsequently be analyzed and evaluated in comparison to the research you did on the two role models. Connecting your research-based knowledge to your personal and professional life is the objective. The final project is due in week eight and must adhere to the following guidelines:

Leader #1’s examination and analysis
Evaluation and Analysis of Leader #2
An evaluation of the leaders
Summary of critical observations and viewpoints from diary entries
analysis and assessment of chosen leaders’ journals
Entries from journals (appendix)

A section describing how and where you gathered the information sources should be part of your final project. You should type up your diary entries and provide them as an appendix to your final project. This project needs to be organized and presented as a formal business report, complete with a cover page, table of contents, double spacing, pagination, headings, and Harvard citation and referencing style. It will be necessary to fully comprehend and put into practice corporate leadership principles in order to complete the final project.



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