Examine the causes and implications for the future. You should examine possible solutions and the positive and negative impact these solutions will have at a local, regional and international level

Global Warming Assignment

This essay on global warming needs to be 2500 words long. This essay should analyze a key problem or topic related to biodiversity (Global Warming) while taking into account a variety of variables and viewpoints. Analyze the root causes and their long-term effects. You should investigate potential solutions and the advantages and disadvantages they may have on a local, regional, and global scale. The usual requirement for a science study is two or more academic citations per page, excluding dictionaries for terminology, etc. Blogs, encyclopedias, and Wikipedia are all unacceptable sources. Cite sources and in-text quotations in APA style. Size and kind of fonts: Use of fonts like Times New Roman or Calibri size 11 or an equal is acceptable for scientific writings. Don’t plagiarize. The following inquiries should be kept in mind as you move through this activity:

Was the agreed-upon subject appropriately and thoroughly covered?

Were all opposing viewpoints represented?

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Have all formatting and submission guidelines been followed?



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