Examine the common elements of compensation packages. Determine which two elements you believe to be the most motivational to an employee and to you. Support your position

Examine the common elements of compensation packages.

Look at the components that are common to compensation packages. Choose the two factors that, in your opinion, both motivate you and your employees the most. Defend your stance. •Team rewards and individual incentives should be compared. Decide which incentives and bonuses you would desire. Give instances to back up your claims.

In “Labor Unions,” Please answer the following question:

•Visit the US Department of Labor website and read the section headed “Employment Rights: Who Has Them and Who Enforces Them.” Next, consider how well the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the Americans with Disabilities Act are working as intended. Analyze how the management of human resources (HR) is impacted by these laws. Think about how the Act will be felt in ten years. Defend your stance. •Investigate the function of unions in the United States in comparison to three other nations using the Internet. Next, consider how unions function differently abroad than they do in the United States. Give three countries as examples, along with information about how unions are managed in each of those countries.

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“Company Restructuring and the Future of Human Resources” Please answer the following question:

Give an example of a business that has completed a complete “turnaround”. Check to see if the turnaround increased the company’s profitability. •Consider the latest alterations and advancements in the HR management industry. Give your predictions for two upcoming changes and developments in this industry during the next ten years.



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