Executive Interview

How are the human resource management principles and practices discussed over the past several weeks implemented in todays organizations? This assignment provides you with the opportunity to examine human resource management in the real world by interviewing a Human Resources Executive who is responsible for multiple human resource functions within a medium to large organization.

Interview Questions
The interview will consist of the 4 Interview questions listed below. In addition, you should start the
interview by confirming the HR Executives title and scope of responsibilities, the size and business of the organization. Take notes but do not record the interview.
1. What is effective human resource management, and why is it important to the success of this
2. How do you ensure human resources supports and is aligned with business strategy?
3. How do you collaborate with management to promote employee productivity and engagement?
4. What are the most significant people management challenges your organization faces and how
will you address those challenges?
Paper Guidelines
As outlined in the rubric below, a well-constructed paper summarizes the interview results and identifies
three significant insights gained into effective HRM from the interview. Specifically:
Identify who was interviewed including title and scope of responsibilities; briefly describe the size
and business of the organization.
Summarize key points from the four interview questions
Discuss 3 important insights you gained from the interview into human resource management
connecting HRM concepts discussed class discussions and assigned readings with the interview
Adhere to APA standards including using headers, and citing and referencing concepts, principles
and practices from your textbook and other sources.


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