Explain any relevant definitions or concepts as needed.

Students will use the scholarly research articles to critique the advice in a 5- to 6-page paper. The main objective of your paper is to compare the advice in the popular press article to what researchers know about interpersonal communication in close relationships. Specifically include the following: Introduction to the topic of the popular press article and your research (e.g., support, conflict, in-law relationships). Introduce any basic information about your topic to orient your readers. Explain any relevant definitions or concepts as needed. Summary of the advice in your popular press article. Specifically highlight the types of communication behaviors the article suggests to enact or avoid in relation to the topic. Explanation of three main pieces of information your research presents about your topic.Consider your articles as a whole, not necessarily each individual article’s findings. Integrating and synthesizing information allows you to make arguments or claims about your topic more broadly, not just about the results of one specific study. Think about if there are common findings or arguments made by more than one of your articles. Although you should consider your articles as a whole, you MUST cite (in APA format) all of your articles in this section. Make sure you are paraphrasing your articles (as opposed to quoting directly). Critique of the advice in the popular press article using scholarly evidence. Is the advice good? Is it bad? Is it both good and bad? Why? How should it be altered or improved? You must provide evidence from your scholarly articles to support your critique. Compelling conclusion to wrap up your paper and offer final thoughts Length of Paper: Final paper will be 6 pages maximum (double-spaced, 1-inch margins, 12-pt. Times New Roman font, with traditional running head and shortened title). What to Submit: Along with your final evaluation paper, you MUST have an APA title page (not included in total page count), APA in-text citations, and an APA reference list (not included in total page count). I have attached my articles to review.

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