Explain how this global societal issue impacts a specific population.

Identify the global societal issue you have chosen to research for your Final Paper, an argumentative essay, and explain why further research on this topic is important.
▪ The global societal issue I chose for the final paper is the global water shortage. Further research is necessary because the topic poses a lot of questions. For example, what constitutes as a water shortage? How can there be a shortage of a renewable resource? Who is affected? Is this a real issue? And who is responsible for helping? I think when a topic fuels so many questions proper research is not only necessary but it’s our responsibility.
◦ Provide a clear and concise thesis statement that includes a solution to the global societal issue.
▪ The global water shortage is threatening the food supply of individual all over the world because there is not enough clear water to meet the demand, desalination processes are the way to combat this threat.
▪ The water shortage crisis threatens the lives of people all over the world because there is not enough clean water to meet the population demand, food supplies are at risk and without intervention, the results will be catastrophic.
◦ Explain how this global societal issue impacts a specific population.
▪ The North China Plain is seriously impacted by water. Their main water source, the Haihe Basin, has a withdraw rate of 74% which is 23% higher than what is renewable (Zhang, Yang, & Shi, 2017). That means that region is more water than the amount that can be restored. China has experienced exponential economic growth, nevertheless, water scarcity is still an issue.
Zhang, Z., Yang, H., & Shi, M. (2017). Alleviating Water Scarcity in the North China Plain: The Role of Virtual Water and Real Water Transfer. Chinese Economy, 50(3), 205–219. https://doi-org.proxy-library.ashford.edu/10.1080/10971475.2017.1297656

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