explain how you would prepare for it. Use the weekly Learning Resources and, where appropriate, your personal and professional experiences to support conclusions.

Description of a challenging conversation you had in a professional setting

A two- to three-page description of a challenging conversation you had in a professional setting Make certain to incorporate the following: Give a brief account of a challenging face-to-face interaction you have had in a professional situation. After that, go over the precise steps you took to try to settle the matter, and then discuss whether or not those steps were successful and why. Analyze the challenging conversation and explain what it taught you about your personal communication style and the techniques you would use to strengthen your communication abilities by applying the learning resources from the previous week. Make sure to explain why you believe these tactics would work for you and produce better results in these kinds of situations. Finally, describe how you would prepare if you were to have a similar challenging conversation today. To support your conclusions, draw on the weekly learning resources and, when applicable, your own personal and professional experiences.


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