explain Kant’s theory of the Good Will,

Only read chapter 1


After reading the selection from Kant, (a) explain Kant’s theory of the Good Will, (b) his theory of duty, and (c) his theory of the categorical imperative. Try to give an example to explain the difference between acting in conformity with the moral law and acting for the sake of the moral law.

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Once you have done the above (which shouldn’t take more than a page), write two pages discussing the following: how would Kant approach the death penalty? Would he support it? Or would he be opposed to it? Make sure to back up whatever you say with Kant: try to figure out what Kant might have thought about the death penalty. I am not interested in your own thoughts about the death penalty, but what Kant might have said about it.


Should be 2-3 pages
12 point font
Times new roman
Double spaced

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