Explain policies for handling separation. Describe formal discipline policies. Describe dispute resolution processes. Examine core functions of Human Resource Management. Describe strategies for retaining high-performing employees.

Explain policies for handling separation

Based on the data you have acquired and examined about the firm, write a research paper in which you discuss the hiring, firing, and disciplinary procedures of a chosen organization.

The company needs to make every effort to keep its top personnel once the finest employees have been selected.

MENTION LESS You will show that you are proficient in the following course skills by passing this test:

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Adapt human resource tactics to corporate requirements. Describe the procedures for handling separation. Describe the statutory sanctions in place. Describe the procedures for resolving disputes. Consider the fundamental facets of human resource management. Describe techniques for keeping top performers. Describe the different kinds of employee support programs and outplacement counseling. Describe the legal ramifications for businesses regarding separation policies.

Preparation Select a company to utilize for this evaluation. It can be the place where you’re employed right now or a business you know well. It must be a company that is researchable because you will need to compile and evaluate data to finish the assessment. The additional exams in this course can be organized in the same way. Please bear in mind that if you decide to analyze the company where you are now employed, your conclusions must be based on verifiable facts rather than your subjective viewpoint as an employee. Research the organization you have chosen’s hiring, firing, and disciplinary procedures. Deliverable Write a research paper in which you complete the following based on your investigation into the organization’s separation, disciplinary, and retention procedures:

Describe the tactics the company uses to keep hold of top performers. Describe the organization’s procedures for dealing with forced and voluntary separation. Describe the several employee support programs and outplacement counseling that are available. Determine if the organization’s separation policy has any holes. Describe how closing these gaps might shield the company against particular lawsuits. Describe the formal disciplinary procedures in place at the company. Include details on who is in charge of putting the policies into effect and enforcing them. Any alternative conflict resolution procedures should be described. Please take note that you must address each of the assessment’s necessary components. Research the subject and offer recommendations you think would be ideal for the company, along with your justification, if details for any of the bulleted points are not available.



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