Explain Romantic love versus Rational love, and how the two can impact Pia.

Name one concept, theory, or research finding that you learned from this week’s reading. You are to provide the page number from where you retrieved this information. (.25 x 2 = .5)
Provide a background of the theory/concept, covering the name of theory, theorist, or concept, and what the theory says about human development or behavior. (.25)
Describe an illustrative example of this theory concept in everyday life. The illustrative example should provide sufficient detail and link your example to specific course concepts. Use examples from your personal experiences, informal observations of those around you, or the media. (.25)
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According to the Labeling theory described by the Interactionist perspective, labels can become self-fulfilling. If a person is labeled with negative attributes, they risk believing that these attributes are true, and may face an undesirable declining trajectory. Pia’s parents are approaching a situation in a negative manner, and this is cultivating Pia’s beliefs of having, or possessing negative attributes.

After reading the case scenario provided below, address a, b, c, and d regarding Pia and her situation. Critically think about how you are going to address the following topics in this assignment with Pia and her parents. Address this assignment as if you are having dialogue with this family.

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a. Explain Romantic love versus Rational love, and how the two can impact Pia.

b. Explain how the label’s that are given to Pia by her parents, have the potential to impact Pia.

c. Select and explain at least 3 positive attributes that Pia has in order to point out her strengths and build her self-esteem.

d. Meeting #2 has been scheduled and Pia’s parents will be joining this meeting. After reading “Conflict Resolution Strategies”, page 559, select 3 strategies that you plan to utilize with this family. You are to explain your goals and why you have selected these approaches.

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“Conflicts produce lively discussions. When constructively handled, conflicts motivate the people involved to define issues more sharply, to search harder for resolution strategies, and to work harder in implementing solutions. Conflict, when handled effectively, can also lead to greater commitment to the relationship of people involved, raise morale, and increase communication and cooperation. Successful resolution of conflict can lead to: personal growth and facilitate innovation and creativity.

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