Explain the advantages and disadvantages of conducting business as a corporation

Assignment Steps
· Show research on the matter that is properly cited and referenced according to APA with references
· Create a substantive message would include a personal or professional experience as it relates to the theory, please provide examples.
· Word count of each substantive participation 100-150 words of each one of the following subjects:

Describe the goal of financial management. -In your own words, describe the goal of financial management to both an investor and a corporation. Be sure to include references for your response.
Identify the three main areas of concern in corporate finance and provide an example.
Explain the advantages and disadvantages of conducting business as a corporation
Explain the importance of the balance sheet and income statement in financial decision making. Imagine that you are an accountant at a major Corporation, outline the statements that you would use to report the company financials and why. Remember to use outside resources for your response and cite them
Describe the difference between average and marginal tax rates.
Identify the sources and uses of cash represented on the statement of cash flows.
Understand how short-term liquidity and long-term solvency measures are calculated and used.
Describe how profitability measures are used to determine how efficiently the company manages its operations.
Explain how the DuPont ratio is calculated and used to measure the level of debt financing and provide an example.

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