Explain the benefits and drawbacks of conducting IQ tests in general and its use in schools.


Research shows that IQ may be related either to the speed of conduction of neural impulses or to the efficiency of the neural circuitry. Locate scholarly research on IQ related to any or all of these factors and briefly summarize the information.

-Explain which approach you think provides the most compelling evidence regarding IQ.

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-Explain processing time theories. Do you think they accurately reflect the aspects of intelligence? Why or why not?

-Explain the benefits and drawbacks of conducting IQ tests in general and its use in schools.

Textbook for this class: Sternberg, Robert. (2009). Cognitive Psychology

To support your work, make sure to utilize your course and text readings. When asked, utilize outside sources as well. As in all assignments, make sure to provide in-text citations and references for the sources used in your work utilizing APA format.

Make sure to cite references to support factual statements. Please take care to do in cite citations, and keep everything in APA format. When referring to specific articles in the body of your writing use only last names and the year of publication. Not initials. Titles should be left for the full reference section. Be clear and concise, especially when describing technical terms. In being thorough make this at least a 2-3 FULL pages, APPROXIMATELY 6-8 paragraphs; no need to do a cover page as this is a discussion only; references must be in APA format.

I need someone that is expedient and timely, yet THOROUGH in regards to details. Any late work is a reduction in grade points. I need this by 10am EST on the due date given. DO NOT be repetitious in your wording!!!! Give me quality time and work that gets me a good grade and we will have NO issue

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