Explain the components of such a unit

Q1. 1) What is meant by the expression “typical spinal nerve unit”? With the aid of a simple diagram, describe and explain the components of such a unit.

2) Using diagrams as necessary, describe the mechanism by which one breathes in and out a) passively (as sitting behind a desk), and b) actively (as in severe exercise).

3) Venous return from the limbs, particularly the lower limb, to the heart is a complex process. Describe with diagrams as appropriate the mechanism(s) that facilitate venous return from the lower limb.

Q2. In 2008, A German politician proposed that all babies should be genetically fingerprinted at birth. Do you be in agreement? What does genetic fingerprinting mean? Who must control the information obtained and who should have access to the information? What are the advantages, disadvantages, and potential problems associated with this proposal?

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