Explain the concept of sustainability in global health and give three examples from course content of sustainable global health initiatives.

Be specific and directly to the point. Make sure the questions answered are clear and precise.
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Learning Outcome 1: Understand the social, political, economic and environmental challenges that hinder improved health status on a global scale (P.G. 2 & 3) Choose question #1 or #2 to answer. Answer all parts (a, b, c)
1. Why are some people healthy and some people not healthy? Whether or not people are healthy depends on a large number of factors, many of which are interconnected (Skolnik, 2012).
a) What are five leading factors that determine health in low-and middle income countries, and how do they differ from those found in high-income countries?
b) Explain four reasons for health and/or healthcare disparities worldwide.
c) Explain how knowledge of major determinants of health is an essential foundation for anyone interested in designing effective development strategies for global health.
WHO (2008). Closing the gap in a generation: Health inequality through action on the social determinants of health.
Also use 1 additional external refernce
2. In 2005, WHO established a Commission on Social Determinants of Health: A Renewal of the Alma-Ata Declaration. In 2008, this commission completed its report recommending a renewal of the goal of primary health care for all and new attention to the need for addressing health disparities worldwide.
The Renewal of the AlmaAta Declaration addressed the following issues:
• The aging of the world population
• The plight of indigenous populations
• Food and nutrition
• The impact of conflicts and violence
• The importance of expanding social determinants of health studies (Hixon & Maskarinec, 2008)
a) Choose one of the above issues and discuss current progress toward addressing the issue.
b) Discuss what nurses can do to positively impact one of these issues. Provide two ideas.
c) Explain the concept of sustainability in global health and give three examples from course content of sustainable global health initiatives.
information to use for question 4
Use article s
Chan, M (2008) return of Alma mata
Please use 1 additional external reference as well.
3) “We nurses literally and metaphorically hold others’ lives in our hands” (Watson, 2008, p.58). a) Explain the Caring-Human Science Philosophy and how it fosters a global health perspective for the nursing profession.
b) Apply social justice and human caring principles in addressing one global health problem / issue.
c) Utilize the critical social theory to explain health disparities. Explain two examples.
This article will help in answering the question
Watson, J. (2008). Social Justice and Human Caring
Use one external reference with the above
4) Non-governmental organizations (NGO) are nonprofit organizations that are privately managed and receive at least some of their funding from private sources. NGOs may focus on one particular issue or may address multiple issues in a particular community or region or country (Jacobsen, 2014)
a) If you were going to found a global health NGO, what specific area would you want the NGO to focus on? Why? Give two reasons.
b) Explain what your top five global health priorities would be.
c) For each of the five priorities you identified, what is one relatively cost effective method for addressing the concern?
Please look for the Jacobsen 2014) and 1 additional external reference
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